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There are better ways

to barbecue...

...with a more simple

and safe system...

...with a more fun

and colourful product...

...and with a result that is

even healthier.




Welcome to the LotusGrill® Barbeque Shop.

We’ve got it all.

We offer selected, reasonably priced product sets with the latest original LotusGrill® M-Series, great accessories and useful replacement parts.

LotusGrill® Sets





Why you will love the LotusGrill®.

Get started within minutes

Due to its smart design and patented concept, the LotusGrill® allows you to start grilling within minutes. Just fire up your ethanol gel and the BBQ will do its work, quickly igniting the charcoal. In less than five minutes you are ready to start cooking.

Healthier grilling

The temperature of the LotusGrill® can be easily regulated by using the power knob. Reducing the air flow to the charcoal reduces its heat, meaning you are in control, therefore no more burnt food which causes harmful substances. Due to the unique design of the grill, dripping fats can not reach the charcoal, so they will not burn.

Expect more safety

The closed charcoal basket inside the grill keeps the hot charcoal securely contained within it. Should your LotusGrill® ever drop or tip over, the hot charcoal will be completely and safely contained. The double-walled grill housing enables you to move or touch the LotusGrill® exterior whilst barbequing.

Barbeque wherever you go.





A grill reinvented from the ground up.

This is computer rendering and might differ from the original colour.   

Continuous award winning LotusGrill.

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“This is the best solution for my camping van. The LotusGrill is unbelievable fast and nearly uses no charcoal!”


“The bbq looks great on pictues, but once you have that thing standing on your table, you will be impressed.”


“This bbq is incredibly fun and efficient.”

Jenny B.

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