Quickstart in a few, easy steps.

Step 1

– Insert the batteries –

Open the battery compartment at the bottom of the outer shell. Insert 4x AA batteries, paying attention to the polarity. Then close the battery compartment of your LotusGrill®.

Step 2

– Fill up with charcoal –

Fill the charcoal container with about 250 grams of our special LotusGrill® Charcoal, or other proper charcoal (not briquettes!), and place the lid on the charcoal container of your LotusGrill®.

Step 3

– Power up your LotusGrill® –

It is important that you turn the power knob on now before igniting the barbeque.

Step 4

– Apply and ignite ethanol gel –

 Set the ignition tray on the inner shell and apply a 10mm wide ring of our special LotusGrill® Ethanol Gel, (or other ethanol gel), around the center of the ignition tray. Then light the gel carefully.

Caution: Take care as the gel burns so cleanly it’s hard to see the flame!

Step 5

– Insert charcoal container –

Now gently place the filled charcoal container (with its lid on) onto the ignition tray. Within seconds the charcoal will begin to glow.

Step 6

– Secure the grill –

Insert the four feet of the grill grid into the bowl slots then hook the barbeque grill grid securely down with the two locking buckles.

Your LotusGrill® is now ready to go!