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LotusGrill® Grill Hood

Grilling without a lid is similar to cooking over a camp fire. It is wonderful, but doesn’t provide the “all round” heat that large food items need to cook properly.

With the LotusGrill® Grill Hood you can now mimick the heat of an oven. With both the hood and an ability to control the air flow, you can quickly and easily raise the temperature inside, or reduce it to a lower, more gentle heat as required. You will now confidently be able to roast larger pieces of meat and poultry to perfection.

You will love our grill hood that comes with a glass-lid! an easy to read thermostat is attached to the top, so that without lifting the lid, you can conveniently observe and control the cooking process while the heat remains within the hood.


  • Durable glass lid
  • Built-in thermometer – The thermometer is easy to read and displays the temperature in °C and °F – so you can cook more accurately!
  • High dome hood – The high cooking space gives plenty of room for larger food items and other complementary accessories, such as the BBQ Stone or Pizza Stone Set.


Included in delivery:

  • LotusGrill® M-Series Grill Hood



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