LotusGrill® XL-Series Starter Set

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Set includes:

LotusGrill® XL-Series Grill in your colour

LotusGrill® Charcoal 2 kg

LotusGrill® Ethanol Gel

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Product Description

LotusGrill® XL-Series

 – in the colour of your choice!

The LotusGrill® XL-Series is the big brother to the LotusGrill® M-Series, packed with all of the same brilliant features and uniqueness which makes it so worthwhile. The extra-large grill space means you can barbecue with all of your family and friends at once. The larger charcoal basket extends the LotusGrill® cooking time so you can feed more people, more quickly!

The LotusGrill® XL-Series Grill is available with all the great accessories familiar to the M-Series – but in XL size. All in all, this is the perfect size to enjoy bigger barbecues with more friends and family.

Feeds 6-12 people.


  • No more nasty fumes – the LotusGrill® offers smokeless cooking!
  • Ignition is easy and fast using pure LotusGrill® Ethanol Gel.
  • Multiple safety features – the LotusGrill® outer shell stays safely lukewarm to touch. The charcoal is locked inside a closed stainless steel mesh container and will not fall out of this basket, even if the LotusGrill® tips over. The base remains cool at all times.
  • Complementary accessories are available to maximise use of the LotusGrill®
  • Light weight of only 6.5 kg 
  • The LotusGrill® features a built-in battery operated fan which creates an airflow allowing you to start cooking food within 3-5 minutes. The cooking heat can be controlled by adjusting the fan with the power dial.
  • Fuel efficiency – LotusGill® uses a very small amount of charcoal – 90% less charcoal than traditional charcoal BBQ’s.
  • Mess free, the stainless steel inner bowl and grill rack can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Easy to transport in its neat carrying bag.




– all you need to get started!

The fastest and most efficient way to use your LotusGrill® is to use LotusGrill® Ethanol Gel and LotusGrill® Charcoal. Due to the purity of our  Ethanol Gel, the ignition process is quicker and more efficient. Our special grade charcoal is made from pure beech wood and burns faster and longer than conventional charcoal.

With our LotusGrill® Sets you will receive the original LotusGrill® Charcoal and Ethanol Gel – so you will be able to start using the grill right away!

Included in delivery:

  • LotusGrill® XL-Series Grill –  in the color of your choice
  • LotusGrill® Charcoal 2kg – holds for up to six times grilling
  • LotusGrill® Ethanol Gel
  • LotusGrill® Carrying Bag
  • 4 x Mignon AA Batteries
  • User Manual in 9 Languages

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  1. 5 out of 5


    My XL really feeds a family! So glad I got the bigger one. I have 3 growing kids to feed. That is definitely the way to go, if you have to make bigger portions. Yesterday I made grilled potatoes and sausages. I was really happy with the result!

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