Pizza Stone Set XL


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Product Description

LotusGrill® Pizza Stone Set

Designed to work perfectly with a LotusGrill® and grill hood, the pizza stone’s surface draws moisture away from the dough for a crispier pizza crust. Its special construction distributes heat evenly across the entire surface to create an consistent baking temperature.

Cook delicious homemade pizzas outside with the LotusGrill® Pizza Stone Set. Preparing pizzas with charcoal gives you an amazing smokey flavor and the cordierite stone absorbs moisture during cooking, guaranteeing a crisp, thin crust.

To use, simply preheat the stone on your LotusGrill®. For the best results you should use the Pizza Stone Set with a LotusGrill® Grill Hood to contain overall heat and imitate a pizza oven.

Included in delivery:

  • LotusGrill® XL-Series Pizza Stone Set


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